SOLEFALD - In Harmonia Universali CD

SOLEFALD - In Harmonia Universali CD

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If you're looking for an album which you can just play in the background while you do your homework, this isn't it. This album completely sucks you in. The guitar is addictingly catchy, as are the two types of vocals - clean and rather garggly - which are usually sung/growled in unison, making for a very interesting listen.
There are several amazing things on this album, not least of which is the inspired working-in of what sounds like a church organ, as well as rare saxophone solos. You'd think a saxophone in metal would sound terrible, as if they were just inserting it in a pitiful attempt to sound progressive, but it doesn't. It's completely enthralling, and you never want it to end.
The lyrics also are quite diverse, going from satire to romance to references to Norse and Greek mythology.
The production is perfect as well, with every intrument audible and distinct.

This is a genius, unique album which should appeal to everyone, no matter what your tastes.