Smoulder ‎– Dream Quest Ends CD


Another red-haired "devil" baby spawned forth this past (full mooned) Friday the Thirteenth, alongside likes of Ambush, Dexter Ward and good ole Wolf, is Toronto's quaintly epic and ever-rocking, in a Tanith-mixed with-Castle, Christian Mistress-and-Wytch Hazel (type) mien, Smoulder, with successive, not to mention "technically" tri-tricked, EP entitled Dream Quest Ends. While not quite as copiously - read not "coquettishly" - laden and/or rich as actual 2019 debut full-length album Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring, this latent Canadian trad (with minute doom element) metal worthy assuages middle-of-the-road inclinations of an evilly obscene, and, say, dauntingly feral, nature...

Knave's soliloquy aside, Smoulder's latest effort, however sparse, comprises a pair of nocturnal originals in the slowly burning and churning "Dream Quest Ends" proper, and slightly longer "Warrior Witch of Hell", an innocuously woven Vanilla Road cover in "Cage of Mirrors", and, somewhat carelessly, entire 2018 demo The Sword Woman...well, not so much, considering I actually prefer said EP's second part, which commences in most cryptic, Hessian-styled, bitter manner, riff-wise, to tune of possible disco(graphy) fave, uh, "Sword Woman" (-- more on such, sooneth!).