Slutvomit ‎- Copulation Of Cloven Hooves LP (Black vinyl)


No doubt 2019 is considerably lighter on notable blackened thrash variations compared to 2018 and the thinness of the air allows this already somewhat anomalous Washington state crew to appear as a blood moon this late in a year where their modus is somewhat under-served. This’d end up being the biggest point of rumination on my part as there was no doubt that ‘Copulation of Cloven Hooves’ is a solid black/thrash record with some fantastic late 80’s death metal guitar work along the way but I wasn’t entirely sure it’d clicked with me simply because I’ve been starved for ‘old school’ riffs between dry albums from Ketzer and Urn in recent memory. The deciding vote was probably cast with the crazed Destruction by way of Mortem rip of “Evil Commands You” where the energy of the piece caught me with a fork in the toaster. In fact the whole of Side B is exactly that brutally percussive and really shows how some serious re-envisioning towards the oldest traditions of extreme metal can push a green band beyond their initial par. All of that said, Slutvomit are still a machine gun of a band and only those obsessed with evil forces, viper-struck riffs and volcanic beatings will get any mileage out of this impressive feat. Moderately high recommendation. For preview purposes I’d suggest “Endless Graves” has all the pentagram afire with its 1986-sourced fury and “Evil Commands You” was that breaking point that had me coming back for more abuse.