SLAYER - Hell Awaits LP (Black Vinyl)

SLAYER - Hell Awaits LP (Black Vinyl)

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It seems like Slayer had one clear intent with this record. To show the listeners a very clear, accurate, harsh but real picture about hell, the suffering souls inside hell, and of course, the "firey pits of hell". With the production, the songwriting, the compositional devices, the lyrics, all of the elements of the record are working towards this common goal. Not a lot of records are this ambitious, but Slayer had the balls - and the talent. It has been an ultra-successful decision. The absolute masterpiece of songs that make up Hell Awaits deserve to be called legendary moments of thrash metal, with their darkness, evilness, viciousness, bloodthirstiness, and pitilessness. This is one of the absolute best moments of American thrash metal, and 80s metal in general, including everything.

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