Slaughter Lord - Thrash 'Til Death LP (Red vinyl)


Slaughter Lord are one of those bands who made history without ever even releasing a full-length album, and rightfully so, as these demos are fucking amazing. Seriously, this is some of the best blackened death/thrash I’ve ever heard, and I’m very glad someone stepped in and re-released these deadly masterpieces.

Seeing as this is in fact a compilation of various recordings, the production does fluctuate a bit, but never is it bad enough to compromise or hinder the utter brutality this band was going for. For the most part, every instrument is audible in one form or another. There are some songs where the bass is somewhat buried, but it’s nothing a good old equalizer can’t fix. I wouldn’t go as far as to say the production works in the band’s favor, but like I said, it definitely doesn’t undermine the music at all. Those who have ears that haven’t been pussified by today’s squeaky clean standards will certainly get past the production and be able to appreciate the thrashing insanity contained herein. 

The musicianship may not be stellar, but holy shit do they make up for that with their sheer brutality. Tony’s vocals are a raspy yell and really could have been applied to both thrash and death metal, as well black metal, as they don’t really adhere to a certain genre’s vocal style. The riffs are awesome black thrashing mayhem, hardly ever slowing down and never showing any mercy. They are pretty much always audible and easy to make out which also helps. The drums are your usual thrash drums but with more blasting and a more relentless, less-varied approach. Nonetheless, they’re still awesome and get the job done.

So yes, if you consider yourself a worshipper of old school, mid-late 80s black, death, or thrash metal, then by all means track this puppy down, and I promise that you will not be disappointed.