Slaegt - Domus Mysterium 2-LP (White vinyl)


Although most of the songs on Domus Mysterium are fairly long-winded, the incredible efficiency in the band’s songwriting means they can cover more ground in five minutes than most bands can in twenty. This album will likely catch the ear of a lot of different metal fans: those who like bands such as Midnight will appreciate the merging of extreme metal with a more immediately catchy feel, fans of Brave Murder Day-era Katatonia will like the touch of desolation and repetition that occasionally permeates the mix, and the rest of us should be sucked in by the riffs, which have a unique mix of melody that I wouldn’t really call “blackened heavy metal”, because the black metal is generally the primary ingredient. (Though “heavied black metal” just doesn’t have the same ring, I suppose.) One other band I can think of that’s going for a comparable approach (albeit with a bit more of a black metal touch) is Laster, a Dutch trio who call their brand of metal “obscure dance music”. It’s a fitting way to describe their sound, and Slaegt’s as well. For all intents and purposes, Domus Mysterium is a straightforward, riff-based metal album, but something about it just makes you want to…dance.