Skinless - Only The Ruthless Remain CD


“Only the Ruthless Remain” doesn’t go out of its way to remake the band’s creative book, but even then it’s not something to hold against them for the album’s main majority of it is still a tight, solid brick of deathly cruelty slapped against your skull over and over again. Taking a more brutal approach while still retaining a fair amount of their groove-laden sensation of old, expect at the very least the same level of monstrousness as before with no compromise in any stretch of the word. But to be fair, that’s what one would hope for with a work of this caliber over anything else, and if that’s your cup of blood then this will certainly satisfy. Even in this era of musical development and “evolution”, the end results are markedly old school in terms of delivery and general flow, a sort of extreme metal time capsule that, in itself, feels plentifully potent and aging very well almost in spite of itself. The far more serious turn with this unfortunately leaves much of the band’s original sense of odd and morbid humor by the wayside (though to be fair, unless you fully dissect older works in terms of their content you’d have a hard time believing them to be bouts of murderous silliness in the first place…), but that in itself is fine as the end results make up for it in terms of enjoyability and mashing capacity.