Skepticism - Stormcrowfleet CD


All music and lyrics by Skepticism 1992 - 1995
Recorded in May 1995.
Remixed and mastered form the original analogue tapes at Astia studio-A by Anssi Kippo – May 2018

Once in a while, there comes an artist who chooses to follow only the voice of his own creativity. Skepticism uses nothing except the desolate landscapes of Finland to inspire its art. As you draw in these thunderous sounds, you will wonder whether this is even music at all, or whether it is the voice of the ancient evergreens that have seen the passing of two hundred winters, or the very soul of the mountains speaking from across the aeons. Skepticism’s magnificent compositions will transport you to far away lands. They are like sitting alone in a gothic cathedral and hearing nothing but the echo of your own heartbeat resonate off the masonry walls. And it is only in this supreme silence that you become aware that there is an invisible force that binds all of existence together.