SKELETAL REMAINS - Condemned To Misery Digipack CD
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SKELETAL REMAINS - Condemned To Misery Digipack CD

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4 Tracks live in Tokyo as bonus added.

Yes, it's perfect classic death metal here! The production is simply spotless, very suitable to this kind of death metal. It's important that while relatively clean sounding, the album has kept that raw edge what gives the music more kick. And it all sounds bloody powerful. Play it loud and I am sure that your speakers will blow away and the walls will crack. The instrumental performance of every member of Skeletal Remains is excellent and you cannot desire more from them. The drummer is great, but the guitarists did simply brilliant job (what I already mentioned above). The songwriting is so good that I cannot find even one short fragment, that would sound bad. The instrumental parts are some of the best I've heard in death metal ever, even such "...Still Suffering", which has no vocals at all, sound unbelievably strong. I won't even bother to pick up "the best songs", as I usually do, because I don't think it's possible. The whole album gave me the "jaw on the floor" feeling, I am insanely obsessed with it... And so, I strongly recommend "Condemned to Misery". Get it or die!

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