Skeletal Remains - Condemned To Misery CD


What is this Skeletal Remains about? Well, stylistically they don't do anything new for the whole death metal genre. Their music is sort of cross between early Death ("Spiritual Healing" especially), Obituary's "Cause of Death", Disincarnate's "Dreams of the Carrion Kind", Pestilence's "Consuming Impulse", Solstice's "Solstice" and few more similar records. What do most of them have in common? James Murphy! When I listen to Skeletal Remains it feels like this one of the best death metal guitarist has just found his best pupils. And maybe even those pupils are now just as good as their teacher. I am truly impressed with the whole guitar work on "Condemned to Misery", every riff here is a crusher, I love that style of technical, but memorable and slightly melodic death metal, with so many impressive leads spread all over the album. Skeletal Remains in my opinion composed songs, which really could rival all the classic tracks from "Spiritual Healing", "Cause of Death", "Dreams of the Carrion Kind" or "Death Shall Rise". And the best thing about it is that, while being hugely influenced by those albums, it is obvious that with "Condemned to Misery" Skeletal Remains has found their own style also, coming up with a bit more original stuff. Anyway, these guys are fuckin great at what they do and the music they composed here is close to perfection.