SKELETAL REMAINS - Beyond The Flesh Digipack CD
Skeletal remains

SKELETAL REMAINS - Beyond The Flesh Digipack CD

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With their 2011 Demo as bonus added.

One morning I finally got the long-awaited vinyl edition of “Beyond the Flesh” by the Americans from Skeletal Remains and when I played it, immediately my first thoughts on the opening sounds were “damn, this really sounds like a long lost recording from the early '90s, and more so it sounds like it has been recorded at that damn Morrisound Studio!!!!”. Yeah man, I really do think so. Sound-wise, Skeletal Remains managed to get the material close to the Floridian classics of the early '90s such as “Impending Doom”, “The Dead Shall Inherit”, “Death Shall Rise”, and “Dreams of the Carrion Kind”, just to name those very few, and obviously I would be stupid if I didn’t like it. I love those old LPs and constantly have been listening to them for 20 years already. Surely it is just amazing that nowadays a new band, such as Skeletal Remains managed to recreate this feeling and the sound of those old LPs! For sure, there is nothing wrong in it if you ask me, especially as the music of those young American dudes (whose photo really reminds me the old Sepultura, hehe) is just excellent and when both things are so killer, all I can do is announce that here is one of the most awesome new death metal releases played in the old school way.

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