Skeletal Remains - Beyond The Flesh CD


So maniacs of the old Floridian scene (plus Pestilence!), get around and bang your heads as Skeletal Remains provides you with an album that you wanted to hear and that hasn’t been released for 12 years or more, as I guess this is more or less the last time something like this has been recorded. None of the old classic bands sound like that anymore; they don’t have the guts and passion for it and most of them don’t even exist, but who cares if Skeletal Remains is a band that we wanted to hear for so long?

This album truly sounds like a continuation of old Death albums, old Obituary, or the Disincarnate LP, rr whichever band I have mentioned above, and I don’t know if it is only me, but that Gorguts’ “Disincarnated” cover sounds so damn close to the original. Ha, I really, really like it a lot. None of the songs on “Beyond the Flesh” sound weak, and the whole time Skeletal Remains plays killer tunes and maaaaan, it is just wonderful to hear such tracks as “Extirpated Vitality”, “Reconstructive Surgery”, “Traumatic Existence”, and “Anthropophagy”.