SIX FEET UNDER - Haunted LP (Black Vinyl)
Six Feet Under

SIX FEET UNDER - Haunted LP (Black Vinyl)

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Comes with poster and printed innersleve with lyrics and credits.

Their very first studio album released back in 1995. Even after so many years and so many releases from hundreds of death metal acts that go from the simplest death metal to the craziest metalized Beethoven tech death metal, Haunted still kicks major ass and still makes my blood boil and my adrenaline rush with its furious riffs, brutal vocals and sick ass lyrics. You can clearly hear many influences when you listen to Haunted, varying from Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Autopsy and Massacre but mostly Obituary. in fact, many think of this album as Obituary with different vocals and many of the riffs played here also sound very similar to that terrifying Obituary old school riff style. Whatever the case is, Haunted is a true death metal gem

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