Sinister - Cross The Styx LP (Beer/Gold vinyl)


This is everything I ever wanted (and didn't know I wanted) in a death metal album. The intro has an awesome ominous feel as you hear tortured screams in the distance and chains rattle (I always picture a Satanic rollercoaster). Then a very simple synth melody builds up to a sudden ending before the buzzing guitars come in with the opener, Perennial Mourning. From this point on I can't really explain just how fucking awesome it is. Every single song is perfect and distinguishable, and in an album of this type of speed and heaviness, distinguishability is rare. Everything is so chaotic and insane, I just get lost in it. There's like a dozen riffs a song and they all are freaking ridiculous. Ron (as he is simply called in the booklet, his last name is van der Polder or something like that) wrote every song and plays the guitar and bass here, and how he had so much going on in each song with such quality on each track is amazing.