SIGH - Heir To Despair LP (Black Vinyl)

SIGH - Heir To Despair LP (Black Vinyl)

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While the atmosphere of Sigh's Heir to Despair is quite uneasy indeed, everything is certainly right with this adventurous, ambitious and unique record that combines all of Sigh's strengths for one of the band's greatest records ever. The only important negative point is the slightly thin production as the band would deserve better financial resources for a production of the highest standard. When Nuclear Blast gave experimental symphonic metal band Therion the financial support to record its groundbreaking Theli album a little more than two decades ago, it would end up changing the history of metal music as one knew it. If Sigh were given the same resources by today's standards, the band could revolutionize the genre as well and not just be a respected group by a few open-minded metal fans but become the next big thing in the entire scene. Invest in progress to keep metal alive!

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