SIG:AR:TYR ‎- Sailing The Seas Of Fate Digi-CD


SIG:AR:TYR’s debut album “Sailing The Seas Of Faith” as deluxe Digipack CD! An ancstral wonder! Listening to this masterpiece of nature-inspired music, one can almost feel those weird scents brought from the sea by the wind, which might have been felt in those entirely pure ancient times. It is strange enough these stormy days... SIG:AR:TYR is an one-man project, hailing from Canada, and this is the debut full-lenght, coming up with nine brilliant songs. In spite of Daemonskald working alone, everything is put into harmony on the recording. The riffs are very accurate, there is nothing to be considered as unnecessary, all is absolutely in its place from the aspect of the song-structures. The acoustic parts are really tasteful and varied, well-balanced with the distorted riffs. One might be a bit aversed to the music which is - mainly or partly - labeled as ‘ambient’. But when you will first hear SIG:AR:TYR ‘ambient’ is a necessary definition. Mostly these background noises give that solemn feeling which characterizes this music. When it comes to the lyrics, they perfectly depict those heroic days of the northern forefathers. This lyrical direction is thoroughly being outlined in the song ‘Frost On Dead Leaves’ - the rune poem which was used as a lyrics for the song is simply captivating. The mainly spoken singing-stlye is also mesmerising, it only adds to the album’s atmosphere. The quality of the release is flawless, you will have rarely heard a one-man band’s releases sounding this great! The artwork is equal to the album’s quality, tasteful package to such an entirely perfect recording. And on the top of everything ‘Snowborne’ is an outstanding song, worthy of the memory of Bathory’s Quorthon (R.I.P.). This album is a precious piece of art, which cannot be simply passed by those metal-fans, whose hearts are pounding for quality nature-inspired and well-written music. Forget everydays, and let SIG:AR:TYR take you back in time! For Ancestral worshipping fans of: Bathory, Falkenbach, Manowar, Hades