SIG:AR:TYR ‎- Beyond The North Winds Digi-CD


This is certainly one of the best metal albums made by a one man band you might have ever heard. Everything from the majestic keyboards to the lightning-fast solos are perfect. For those who are not familiar with this band, SIG:AR:TYR is a Canadian one-man band, founded by Daemonskald, a master of melodic viking influenced black metal. The album’s rich and unique atmosphere draws you into another world. The keyboards and classical guitar in “King of the World” evoke an exotic and vaguely Celtic/Nordic sound. The classical guitar interludes on this album are some of Daemonskald’s best. They are repetitive and beautiful, almost lulling you into a trance. This is, without a doubt, the band’s most accessible album. But being accessible isn’t always such a bad thing, not when an album like this is the result. It is astonishing that one man can create such a breathtaking album. His guitar work really shines through. From his Malmsteen-inspired shredding to his beautiful melodies on the classical guitar, his mastery of the instrument never ceases to amaze. His subtle use of keyboard is impressive, adding a another layer to the music while enhancing the atmosphere. The song “Far Away” is a perfect end to Daemondskald’s masterpiece. It is not at all the same type of folk as the traditional folk interludes that make up so much of SIG:AR:TYR’s music. It is mostly acoustic chord progressions and deep clean vocals. The singing is otherworldly and draws you into a different state of mind. This is one of those great moments when a band tries something completely different and succeeds with flying colors. While many bands fall behind on their second album, SIG:AR:TYR eclipse their first album the second time around. Like we have mentioned, it is truly astounding that one man made such an amazing album all by himself. From the bloodcurdling wails on the title track to the serene yet sorrowful atmosphere on “Sword from an Unknown Hand,” this record is an inspiring journey. Similar goosebumps are created by: Bathory, Falkenbach, Manowar, Helrunar, Moonsorrow