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Whenever I come to think of vampires or vampiricism, two things come to my mind. The first one is Interview with a Vampire, and the other one is this album. It was one of my first "black metal" albums, and still one of my favourites. The first track, 'vampiria', is still my favorite songs in all cathergories, it has everything you can ask of. The title track is almost as good as the first, but I think it's missing the last touch before release.
Rosdahl's drumplay is altrough very good, and it matches perfect with Folkare's guitars and Waldehaug's female vocals. Ehlin's growls are good aswell.
The only matter that keeps me from giving Loreia 100 points is the order of the tracks. Siebenbürgen burn off all the best tracks in the first half of the album, leaving 'minute-killers' in the end. Those are not bad tracks, but just sounds just like the first ones.
Anyhow, this is a very good album, and I recommend anyone with at least a bit of taste to buy this album.