Severe Torture ‎- Misanthropic Carnage LP (Red vinyl)


Highlight in Severe Torture’s discography on vinyl! Here is yet another masterpiece from Dutch death metal stalwarts Severe Torture. Still retaining that unique chunky sound this album delivers 9 tracks of technical and ferocious mega-bass blasting Death Metal. Those who were into their “Feasting on Blood” album should definitely lay their hands on this one. The production is brilliant on both the sound and album production levels. This is what Brutal Metal should sound like. The vocals sound as though Satan sung them himself. The guitar, bass, and drum playing is some of the tighest I’ve ever heard from this genre. The riffs have a very evil, unforgiving sound. Severe Torture’s sound has definitely matured from their previous releases. Sick cover art work by Joe Maloney makes this album more compelling to many Death Metal fans around with a taste for sickness. Definitely a must-buy! For fans of: Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Deeds Of Flesh, Dying Fetus.