SETHERIAL - Nord LP (Silver Vinyl)
SETHERIAL - Nord LP (Silver Vinyl)

SETHERIAL - Nord LP (Silver Vinyl)

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Music on "Nord" is what I call real black metal. Setherial sets an example of northern top-class BM without any touches of other styles or genres. Maybe, this music is not very intelligent that sets you thinking about something lofty, but in the final analysis this is not the aim of Setherial. They just do their job well and competently and I have no reasons for complaint. Of course, I will never listen to such a music from some modern bands, because it's worth doing some new instead of copying the giants like mentioned Setherial, Dark Funeral or Marduk. That style was used by many less or more successful groups, but now it is not deserves the attention if it's done by new bands.

"Nord" is simultaneously melodic and hard, beautiful and distorted, as cold as the winter in Sweden and as hot as summer in Hell. It doesn't open something new in black metal but swedish experts were pioneers in this extreme subgenre. I can't call it true, but on the other hand, can somebody call "Nord" very tuneful or harmonious?

It's perfectly well, when some taken band (for the present instant I took Setherial) issues such a cool debut release. "Nord" reflects the main point of the existence, life and atmosphere in the North. First of all you fixes your eyes on the cover of this album, on which we can see the scandinavian forest in the wintry weather. So, as you can notice, the cover has a big count, especially on devotees of the chill northern music, whom I surely am.

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