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Serpentine Path are a so-called death/doom supergroup featuring ex-members of such vital bands as Unearthly Trance, Ramesses, & Electric Wizard. And their music basically sounds like an amalgamation of those bands with broad swaths of Autopsy, Asphyx, & Winter thrown in. In other words, supremely dim and suffocating death/doom that extrapolates the nightmares of our primitive reptile brains while cudgeling us over the head with hefty rhythmic monstrosities. And on first listen, this record is effective. As veterans of high skill, there is an almost casual vibe to this, as in, I can't believe how easily it seems they tossed off sounds so grim and barbaric. There's no flash, no sophistication, no updates or paradigm shifts to be heard here. This is the ancient stuff, culled from the dark grimoire, meant to push those lurking fears forward in a slow lurch of freakish horror. If you like this kinda stuff, you'll like Serpentine Path. It's that simple.