Sepulchral Temple ‎– Sepulchral Temple - Digipak -CD


Okay, before I start, the way that this EP works is two songs and two outros to end these songs, Now, this is something I haven’t seen done before so let’s see how it goes.

“Salvific Dance” is the first and longest track of the four displayed on this EP, there is a quiet build up, a really slow start, but there are drum fills and riffs to make up for it. Which before you get into the main body of the song is impressive in itself, pat on the back there. After the slow start you get more of the drums and then the vocals jump in tying the whole thing together and it starts to make sense. For an 8 minute song, it’s obviously going to drag on a bit, but with this one I feel like it doesn’t as much as you would expect it to. That’s probably because when you get around the 4 minute mark it quietens down, and it makes you wonder if the song is over, but then you realise it’s not over and everything kicks back in again, it gets a lot faster than what the song was previously. Following that we have the first outro, and I must admit it’s weird to have the outro separated like that, but it’s different. However I’m not quite sure if it’s a good different.

Second of the two lengthy songs is “Sepulchral Temple”, coincidently, the name of the EP and the band. So maybe the song has a hidden meaning, I’ll leave that for you to decide. There’s another quiet start for this track, but the bam from out of nowhere is the drums, but then it suddenly disappears and it gets all quiet again, which just mess with your head, but this is definitely a good things because it keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for what is next to come. My thoughts on this song resemble a rollercoaster, a musical tempo rollercoaster; it makes sense once you’ve heard it. And to finish off the album we have the second outro, there’s not much to say about it because it’s nothing, literally quietness. Which, in a way works, as it’s the end of the EP it’s a quiet end to such an interesting way of putting music together.