SepticFlesh - Codex Omega Digi-CD


Septicflesh brings a powerful and unique signature for death metal with a very good use of a real symphonic orchestra behind it. This is my first time listening to them although they've been around as a band since before I've been around at all. This band has a lot of history and experience in the scene and with Codex Omega, that certainly shows.

Although they stay true to the basic metal listener and bring forward all their death metal abilities in high amounts and good quality, their sounds reach a much wider and more impressive range than what you'd normally expect from a death metal band. With powerful compositions based on a lot of low frequencies they put everything on display in terms of headbanging material. The guitars and bass are very deep and heavy all the time, revolving exclusively around riffs and not that much on melody, leaving that part for the symphony. The energy of the music is also elevated by the occasional black metal elements that take it one step further into darkness. I can easily say that this is one of the darkest albums I've heard, both in the lyrics and in the sound, going from loud and raging to a lot of pretty cinematic sections of evil, sinister and sometimes quite infernal atmosphere.