Scott Hull ‎– Requiem - Digipak -CD


A melancholy, downright beautiful meditation on “the pathos of death, the burden of guilt, and the weight of consequence in all their stages,” Requiem is Hull’s first fully-realized collection of cuts that reference everything from Tangerine Dream (the rain showers and shimmering synths of “Santificato,” the 14 lost-in-the-clouds minutes of “In Paradisum Deducant Te Angeli”) to Neil Young’s seminal Dead Man soundtrack (the country-fried segue of “Shootout”). If you can’t tell already, Hull’s a little too literal with the song titles, as if to spell out “this one’s influenced by Morricone and that one’s a total Goblin tribute.” Not that it matters when the music itself works without ever sounding like trace-over tracks.