SCHIZOPHRENIA - Recollections Of The Insane LP (Black Vinyl)

SCHIZOPHRENIA - Recollections Of The Insane LP (Black Vinyl)

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Gatefold-cover, issued with a double sided printed insert

If you’re a death thrash fan, I think you’d be mad not to associate the name Schizophrenia with Sepultura, seeing as how that 1987 record brought the Brazilians into the spotlight before they later signed with Roadrunner. It also happens to be one of the thrash albums that set out the more vicious sides of the genre using mainly traditional tools, sort of how the Germans were doing at a similar time. These Belgians certainly like Sepultura and Sodom and a bit of Demolition Hammer for good luck, since their whole vibe – sound, logo, looks – harks back to that era of hard thrash at the very tail end of the ‘80s. After a pretty well-received EP release of Voices, the quartet have just now put together their debut full-length, even after over a decade together as a band (as Hämmerhead until 2016). As expected, Recollections of the Insane hits hard, fast, and admirably revisits those heady early days of death thrash.