SAVAGE GRACE - Master Of Disguise LP (Black Vinyl)
Savage Grace

SAVAGE GRACE - Master Of Disguise LP (Black Vinyl)

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2021 re-issue on No Remorse Records, as good as new.

Master of Disguise is an incredible record. How can you resist giving it 100%, when it is creative, well-written, unique, enjoyable, and original? For me personally, this is one of my favorite heavy/speed records now. It is just impossible to see what is missing from this album. Most likely nothing. It has everything it needs to have to impress the fans of the genre. If you are a speed or heavy metal fan, and you have not heard this before, you are missing out. You have to listen to this because it will make your musical journey a hundred times more meaningful than it is now. Whatever you listened to before, you will consider this record something special.