SATYRICON - The Shadowthrone Digipack CD

SATYRICON - The Shadowthrone Digipack CD

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Issued in a 4-panel Digipak with 12-page booklet.

Even if Satyricon are one of those bands that you might hear people calling “sell outs” today, you certainly cannot deny that their early work was not only hugely influential to future black metal music, but also some of the best black metal in history. With the massive debut Dark Medieval Times taking the Norwegian black metal scene by surprise with it’s original and innovative new sound, The Shadowthrone does more than pick up where the first one left off. The music seems more mature, hateful, and aggressive than past and future work of Satyricon. Many would call this, including myself, their finest hour.

The Shadowthrone is just one of those albums with amazing replay value. Each song is it’s own and there are no repetitions or fillers. If you are a fan of black metal and do not already own The Shadowthrone by Satyricon, I cannot recommend more that you add it to your collection as soon as possible.

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