SATYRICON - Nemesis Divina CD

SATYRICON - Nemesis Divina CD

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Satyricon are surely one of the most famous, but also controversial Norwegian black metal bands of all times. Their first three efforts, although true to the classic Norwegian black metal sound, retained some interesting and original influences, making up for three indubitably fantastic and timeless classics. Then, since the late nineties, they decided to move on and to start experimenting, throwing in a certain gothic contamination to their music, plus some minor influences coming from industrial and symphonic metal. While their later efforts are widely discussed and often harshly criticized by many, their "unholy trinity", consisting of their first three albums, is revered by each and every black metal aficionado alike, without exceptions.

"Nemesis Divina" is probably the most loved effort of the band, and surely it's also the best. The secret to the success of this release dwells in the above mentioned perfect combination of the true Norwegian black metal sound with a pinch of outer musical influences, in a way that stays true to tradition, while at the same time being able to incorporate original elements in it. This way, the music stays atmospheric and evil, but also extremely varied.

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