SATYRICON - Dark Medieval Times Digipack CD

SATYRICON - Dark Medieval Times Digipack CD

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Issued in 4-panel Digipak with 12-page booklet containing liner notes, interview, and credits.
Recorded and mixed at Nesodden, Norway in August/September 1993.
Remastered January 2021.

I really cannot truly do this album justice in this review. It's perfect. Absolutely flawless. If you like Satyricon and have yet to hear this, do yourself a favor. I was lucky enough to purchase a genuine Moonfog Records copy on eBay a few months ago for about 40$. It's a very rare album but if you are lucky enough to find it, I highly recommend swiping it. For fans of Satyricon's hard rock-influenced albums ("Rebel Extravaganza" and beyond) but haven't heard anything prior, this will definitely be an interesting yet satisfying listen. it's unique, cold, and perfect. I really cannot choose this or "Nemesis Divina" as my favorite Satyricon album as they're both brilliant, along with "The Shadowthrone", but this one definitely is worth the 44 minutes it takes to listen.

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