Satan's Wrath - Aeon's Of Satan's Reign LP (Black vinyl)


180 gram vinyl 500 copies limited edition

Filthy Greeks! "Only Satan Is Lord"? Ha! Only such an opener kills! After having survived the shitty artwork without getting blind, the listener is blown away by the opening track. The gang from the cradle of the European culture shows its own understanding of cultural values in a furious manner. Mean, underhand, sharp and rapid, these attributes describe the first song fittingly. Black thrash is, great realisation, a sub genre of thrash metal and thrash metal songs are not necessarily fast. (Every fan of the fantastic Armoured Angel will agree.) Nevertheless, it is mostly a good idea to put the pedal to the metal and "Only Satan Is Lord" celebrates a fanatic black thrash orgy. The Swedish guys of Nifelheim or the Norwegians called Condor will take this tune into their pitch-black hearts. A wonderful start, but (and here comes the next great realisation) one swallow does not make a summer.