Satan - Earth Infernal Digi-CD


Having maintained an insane streak of quality since their comeback with 2013’s Life Sentence, Satan offers even more of the same with their fifth full-length. Infernal Earth is right in line with the approach last seen in 2018’s Cruel Magic as the songs continue to throw in more mixed tempos and dynamics than the more straightforward proto power-thrash that they’re best known for. Thankfully the band never loses sight of their blazing energy and remains defined by their constantly flailing twin guitars and commanding but still melodic mid-range vocals.

“Burning Portrait” and “From Second Sight” were brilliant single choices and are among the album’s best, the former featuring sinister verses and incredibly catchy choruses while the latter stands out for lyrics that poke fun at conspiracy theorists. Elsewhere, “Mercury’s Shadow” is a high energy instrumental raising tension for the exotic but hard-hitting “Sorrow Unspent,” providing a strong display of the band’s dynamics. I can also get into the abrupt but climactic tempo shifts on “Poison Elegy” and the closing “Earth We Bequeath.”

Infernal Earth may see the band’s continued contentment with their formula, but that formula is still packed with enough enthusiasm and effort to keep from feeling stale. On the contrary, it’s just further reinforcement of why I think Satan is the best NWOBHM band that isn’t Iron Maiden. If you’ve enjoyed anything else that the band has done, this is yet another no-brainer.