SARGEIST - Let The Devil In A5 Digipack CD
SARGEIST - Let The Devil In A5 Digipack CD

SARGEIST - Let The Devil In A5 Digipack CD

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Reissue in A5 Digipak - Limited to 300 copies.

Recorded in the cold chamber of studio Fantom during the last days of February anno MMX

Every once in an era an album comes along that takes the unholy spirit of metal by the horns. Every once in a while a band comes along that makes the barbaric nature deep within all of us flow out with satanic pride. When you combine the two, you get Sargeists' "Let The Devil In".

This brings me to the production value. I am indeed a HUGE fan of black metal, and even love the roughest of the rough when it comes to recordings. "Let The Devil In" is nothing shy of amazing due to the fact that it's still got the typical "Sargeist" rough quality, but, is produced well enough for you to take in every instrument. That is something that I feel is lacking in todays standard of what metal recordings should be.

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