Saor ‎– Roots Digi-CD


What we are presented with here is a fine example of atmospheric folk done well; each track flows seamlessly into the next, the guitar work sets the landscape in your ears, the drums pound away relentlessly, and the vocals are more like cries from the top of a mountain rather than screams through a mic. And I say cries for good reason. The album is heavy yes, but not just due to the instrumentation. It's depth delves far deeper, with the music drawing out the pain and pride of Marshall's theme, Scotland, his roots.

Throughout the album you are presented with a multitude of memorable passages, both heavy and lighter that will surprise most when they realise that this was all done by a single man. You will get plenty of different feelings from it to. At times you'll be prepared to take up arms against those who have desecrated all you stand for, other times, moments to reflect on loss and the beauty of it all. Whatever it is you find, I guarantee you will enjoy it if you are a fan of this type of metal.

Of all the work Marshall has done, I believe this is his best.