Samael - Worship Him (25th Anniversary) Digi-CD


25th anniversay digipack CD

This is the first full-length of the great band Samael, and personally I consider it a brilliant BM work. We’re not talking about the classic “True-fucking-Norwegian-black-metal”, nevertheless this sounds great, excellent, from –almost- every point of view. Vorph is an evil genius, just like his brother who is the mind of the band – a band which will have a great success. Although Samael don’t come from Norway, or however from the north where lots of memorable BM bands emerged in early ’90, they deserve all the respect, from the beginning of their career until Solar Soul, truly the highlight of the new electronic era. It’s impressive. I tried to listen first to Solar Soul and then to Worship Him; from pure light and optimism to a deep and dark black Metal opus.