Samael - Worship Him CD


This is Samael at their earliest and most hideous spawning, which would heavily differ from the now multi-musically inspired Samael. When first rose out of the predominately French speaking side of Switzerland in the later part of the '80s they pushed out a few stillbirths, but then swayed a few misfits in the next decade with the fully developed studio recorded album: 'Worship Him.' I feel it is an album that is their darkest and most sinister in comparison to their future outputs. This was recorded almost a year prior in '90, but even when it was released in '91 by Osmose, according to the owner in a later interview I read it was even hard to sell then; possibly with a combination of a newly acquired label and newly arisen extreme metal band not setting in just yet. Which shows that what they were doing at the time was at least something different than the rest.