SAMAEL - Exodus LP (Ultra Clear Vinyl)
SAMAEL - Exodus LP (Ultra Clear Vinyl)

SAMAEL - Exodus LP (Ultra Clear Vinyl)

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Limited Edition to 125 copies on Ultra Clear Vinyl 12". 180 gr. Vinyl. Comes with Insert.

Although there are some extremely odd and uncharacteristic songs on this EP release, Samael have once again created a good short album. “Exodus,” brings all different aspects of Samael into once album. Brining classics from the older albums like the track, “Ceremony of Opposites,” and the song, “Exodus,” which sound very much like something done during the, “Passage,” era, as well as something like, “From Malkuth To Kether,” which is completely new and different then any Samael I have ever heard. This album sums up what the band has completed in there long history. If you have never heard much of samael this album should give you a basic idea of what the band is about.

“From Malkuth To Kether,” is an extremely odd song… It has a very fast beat and very powerful guitar which follow the thundering beat that the drums play. It is a rather amusing track; although not very characteristic of the band it is a neat experiment for a song. Other tracks like, “Exodus,” “Tribes of cain,” and “Son of earth are,” classic tracks done by samael. Having 7 songs on the album makes it a pretty long EP release, and easily worthwhile having.

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