Saint Vitus - V LP (Black vinyl)


'V' represents Saint Vitus looking back to the Reagers-era, but with Wino as their front-man. And it works. It's definitely the most accessible Vitus album for people who aren't in to this music, or at least not used to it. Though the music is somewhat closer to the early Reagers-era, the production is better, so overall the accessibility is higher here than on for example 'Saint Vitus'. It also comes down to what type of vocals you prefer. Reagers sang with a manic, eerie voice. The crazy undead wizard type. Wino is more down to earth, but in his very own little world, because of drugs etc., so while he might sing about purple dragons and psychedelic sunrises, he's definitely human. His husky baritone suits this type of music just as well as Reagers' howls and wails do.