Sadistik Exekution - 30 Years Of Agonizing The Dead! LP (Black vinyl)


Regular version: black vinyl LP, 3mm jacket and A3 poster insert.

Tracks A1 and A2 were originally released as the "Agonizing the Dead" cassette in 1992, self-released by the band and recorded by Herman Kovac at Ramrod Studios in 1988.
Tracks A3 and A4 were originally released as the Suspiral cassette in 1991, self-released by the band and recorded at Loft Soundhouse.
Tracks B1 and B2 were originally released as the Demon With Wings CD EP in 1996 by Osmose Productions and recorded by Captain Fruitcake in his home studio in 1996.
Tracks B3 to B5 were originally released as the Sadistik Elektrokution CD EP 1997 by Shock Australia, recorded at Audio Infinity and mixed/mastered by the Undertaker.