Sacrophobia - Dark Requiems -CD


25 years after the band's inception, Spanish death metal pioneer Sacrophobia is about to see all its recordings officially re-issued on CD under the title of "Dark Requiems."

The group's 1st demo "Only Death is Irreversible" came out in 1991 through Drowned Productions, followed by a 2nd demo recorded in '92 which was destined to be a 7" EP on Seraphic Decay Records, but that never happened and thus remained unreleased.

Then in '93 two more songs were recorded for a 5-way split CD with other 4 Spanish death metal bands entitled "Dead Flesh." A total of 10 studio tracks plus 3 unreleased tunes recorded live in '93 and 2 live cover songs was the legacy of Sacrophobia before splitting up in early '94. After this, one of the group's guitarists, Juancar, joined Avulsed.