Sabbat - Fetishism LP (Black vinyl)


"Fetishism" is a "Western" work predominantly. A thrash metal work. The first song "Disembody to the Abyss" immediately sets the tone for the album, presenting thrash metal, performed according to the Teutonic patterns mostly. To the US ones too (East Coast thrash metal, more likely), of course, so in general, – according to the Western patterns. And further, in almost every song, you can recognize the European or American "source", which served as an inspiration. It is not a question of a cut-and-paste job, "Fetishism" is some kind of an artistic rendering: Sabbat present their vision of Western music, i. e. thrash metal.

Black metal? Well, if Venom and Mercyful Fate are considered as black metal, then, of course, Sabbat also performs black metal. But if you leave the named bands in the heavy metal niche, then Sabbat exclusively perform thrash metal, and nothing more. Some rare exceptions do not mean at all that this genre is the main for the band. For example, in the very first song "Disembody to the Abyss" a tremolo riff at 1:47 (and it repeats later) sounds like Norwegian black metal. There are also a lot of black metal passages (more precisely, those passages that today are associated with Scandinavian black metal) in "Burn the Church" – after all, the title obliges. But all these elements are just drowning in a massive thrash metal attack.