RUNNING WILD - Under Joly Roger Picture-LP (Pre-order)
RUNNING WILD - Under Joly Roger Picture-LP (Pre-order)
Running Wild

RUNNING WILD - Under Joly Roger Picture-LP (Pre-order)

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Shipping July 2024, release date Rest of the World: August 16th,

Running Wild’s classic album “Branded and Exiled” as a deluxe Picture-LP (limited to 500 copies worldwide).

Comes with an insert and an huge poster of the artwork.

Dropping The Satanic themes explored on albums “Gates to Purgatory” and “Branded and Exiled”, “Under Jolly Roger” is Running Wild’s transitional album as they would adapt their now famous pirate theme.
This album was really a gamble for the band.

They totally changed their image and musical direction with this album, and the result is a record that showcases more of what makes Running Wild such a great band to listen to. 

The album possesses some great standout tracks such as the fan favourite title track that starts the album off with a bang.
This is a fine transitional album that really showcases the bands early brilliant attempt at delivering pirate themed heavy metal. “Under Jolly Roger” was an experiment, a change of pace for the band and the band navigated into new territory by keeping the dark sound, and at the same switching the theme of their tunes.
As a whole, this album has all the key ingredients that would make this awesome band the Metal legends they are.

• Legendary album from 1987 celebrating its 37th anniversary this year!
• Extremely limited edition of only 500 copies world wide
• Comes in a quality sleeve with lyrics and a nice A2 poster
• This album has sold 250.000 copies until this day
• Artwork by Willy Giltmann