Ruins - Spun Forth As Dark Nets -CD


Ruins, hailing from Tasmania, Australia, have been around for a couple years now, and this is their debut album. Even though it is their only album, it still kicks copious amounts of ass. While not being a big fan of Black Metal, i decided to try out Ruins anyway. For starters, they are from Australia, and while being Australian myself, i was interested to see whatt some good Aussie Black Metal sounded like. I had heard great things about the album aswell. Secondly, this album showcases the talents of one of my favourite drummers in metal, Dave Haley, of Psycroptic and The Amenta fame.

Alex Pope has done a VERY good job with the music on this album - infact, it's almost like something i haven't heard before. The guitars on this album defiinitely sound like Black Metal guitars to me, and the riffing is also very good. Bass on this album is also well done, but a main highlight of this album is the atmospherical effects of the music. Most of the songs on the album have a very daunting feel about them, and a very eerie and dark sound. I really enjoy the sound of this album, as it creates something im sure most people have not heard before.

Also on this album are several samples of japanese men speaking. It sounds like the voice clips were taken from a samurai movie or an old japanese horror movie of some type - yet again, a very interesting effect on this album. They do not get annoying however, as they are mainly towards the end of songs.

The drumming on this album is intense - this is as good as it gets folks. Being one of the best in the business, Dave Haley's drumming, definitely has something to do with how good this album sounds. Constant blastbeating and furious double pedals give a very powerful feeling from this album. On par with some of the best drummers in the world, and also his work in Psycroptic, Dave Haley does not fail no this album. Pope and Haley seem to be two very good musicians when they work together.

So this little gem from the so called isolated part of Australia has definitely brought pleasure to my ears. It's not too raw, it's very well produced, and im sure many fans of black metal would enjoy this album a lot.