ROTTREVORE - Iniquitous CD

ROTTREVORE - Iniquitous CD

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Recorded at Audiomation Studios, Pittsburg.
Recorded on February 2nd & 3rd, 1993.
Mixed thru Feb., Mar., & July 1993.
Mastered in Aug. 1993 at Electronic Tommyland Studios.

Tracks 12 to 14 are bonus tracks recorded live in Cleveland, Ohio on March 28th, 1992.

The only full length the band ever released. This recording has every single song from the demos, so if you are interested but are not sure of this band, it is worth it to just get this. It is highly convenient when bands do this, release a full length before they split up, and although we are unfortunate that they are no longer with us, we are fortunate that they ended with the bang they did.
Everything said about the demos can be said for this album, the album is like a long demo, the recording is just slightly better than on their demos, and the songs are just the same. Seeing as the band was not around for long enough to go into any sort of musical experimenting or evolution, we can see a distinct time in the musicians’ lives, and so all their stuff sounds similar. Really they only have as many songs as is on the full length, which happens to be 11. Seeing as my opinion of the demos is that they are hard to get through, you can imagine that the full length can hardly be listened to in its entirety. Although 38 minute sin length may not seem that long, but this music is so dense and thick it seems like you are stuck in time for those few precious minutes. That is part of the appeal of this music, and I would say is also the appeal of all music that has virtually no hooks and very little riffs that are catchy. That they weigh down on you like a ton of bricks, making the music even more heavy, and also making it hard to copy and form into a trend. This album has the effect of an anchor being put around your neck, dragging you into the dark obscure waters of Rottrevore’s brain. I can link their song writing to a mid-tempo Hate Eternal, so fans of the latter if they are tired of the blasting should be able to have the focus necessary for this music. Seriously, fans of ultra technical and complex shit should listen to this, for this is slower and less extreme, but has a similar effect

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