ROTTREVORE - Hung By The Eyesockets CD

ROTTREVORE - Hung By The Eyesockets CD

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Right from the first song it turned out that Rottrevore has still guts and energy to play intense, brutal and fuckin awesome death metal! “Hung by the Eyesockets” (nice title!) is such a killer tune, filled with merciless, intense, mighty, technical riffing and crushing drumming and of corpse also with great guttural vokills. This song is superb and I must admit that it is also nicely varied, with some slower parts here and there as well and in total it really reminds me the mighty Incantation and other bands like Funebrarum! And the two next songs – title track and “Overcome With Hate” – are equally great and I can only recommend them to the fans of the classic US death metal. Tempo wise they are rather slow or mid paced, but they’re also very heavy and massive sounding… Oh, just listen to those killer riffs, great – some quite lengthy – guitar leads, which give something extra to the songs - like in "Blind Sided Attack", which with that solos turned into dark, atmospheric tune – very, very good stuff! Finally, also the drumming, the vocals are great and the production is also top notch and perfect for this kind of music. Wow. Just WOW!!!!! Rottrevore came back and I am very happy about it, "Blind Sided Attack" is amazing recording, so please guys, release it in a physical format, as otherwise it is just a fuckin waste of good music. I want to have it on CD or 10”MLP, do you understand??

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