Rotting Christ - Non Serviam LP (Black vinyl)


This is undoubtedly the best album Rotting Christ ever recorded and, unfortunately, the worst promoted by Unisound, as it was originally only released (as far as I know) in Greece. It's still hard to find and the scarce vinyl copies still available on the market cost more than 50 euros each.

The album is a masterpiece, it's black metal the "greek style", full of melody, atmosphere, fast and slow parts, careful usage of keyboards (giving a majestic feel to the overall atmosphere) and heavy guitars. It's a natural evolution from "Thy mighty contract" although "Thy mighty..." is rawer.

All songs are of equal value here (though my favourite is "Saturn unlock Avey's son"), even the instrumental "Fethroesforia". The guitars are fast and heavy, the bass is rumbling and the drums stormily pounding you on every second. Sakis' voice is burning and gives you a creepy feeling. The grunts in the song "Non Serviam" are ones of the best I have ever heard in a black metal record.