Root - The Book LP (Black vinyl)


1999 saw Root release The Book. This was the band’s fifth album and first truly spectacular release. Root had steadily progressed since the time of Hell Symphony with a couple of albums that saw the band steadily carving out a unique space for themselves in the extreme metal world but this is where it all came together.

The Book sees the band move well and truly away from any black metal comparisons and the result is an album that falls somewhere between traditional heavy metal, doom and folk. The biggest change is in the vocals of Big Boss who by now had given up on almost all the black metal shrieking and instead was focusing big time on his awe inspiring baritone, whispered spoken word and clean singing. The songs too had changed with no discernable black or thrash influences. Instead, what we got was epic sounding mid paced compositions that might have something in common with Bathory’s Hammerheart and Twilight of the Gods in terms of feel but with a far superior vocalist and more concise and well written songs.