Ritual Chamber ‎– The Pits Of Tentacled Screams -LP


Ritual Chamber is essentially extremely cruel blackened, old-spirited death metal, with doom elements. What you'll find in this release is innovative song writing in the variety of dynamics of harmony, tempo and time signature. The thing is ultra heavy and ingeniously molded to draw the listener into a seamless journey... one of utter hate, despair and ultimately: madness. The insidious nature of this release is easily reminiscent of the composers earlier days of Infester; an insane band which was already well ahead of its time in terms of pushing the boundaries of extremity in metal. This is something I've personally been on the look out for years... The mastery in this release I re-iterate is the use of a balance between tension and relaxation. The aforementioned journey is one which explores a turmoil of emotional tension: the use of crushing and barbaric mid-pace and triplet blasting accompanying demented yet interesting death metal riffs at climactic points; then naturally dropping in tempo towards a slower cacophony. In its deepest recesses, at its heart, the cruelty and melancholy of funereal doom is found... which while never traditionally reaches a complete stop in pace, makes use of fine picked notes over crushing, drugged chords creating the exact aesthetic the heights of funeral doom can muster.

The sound of the release is near perfect for a demo. Its drenched in just the right amount of filth and grit to retain a live recording/set sound without diminishing the quality of sound too much. The guitars and bass are audible, the drums have a crushing punch - particularly the toms. There is a small amount of reverb of the entire mix which gives it an edge of slime, particularly over the vocals. The vocals really are an instant seller on this release... they're interestingly placed, slow and cavernous incantations which often overlap when the speed of a song picks up in pace. Overall the quality of sound makes me think of being slowly devoured by some horrendous monster from the depths and regurgitated into a hellish place of eternal spiritual torment. I personally wish the guitars were made slightly more prominent, with the bass coming down a notch leaving reverb on the leads and vocals only.

This is an incredibly monstrous release, designed to wrap hooked chains around your soul and drag you into the depths of madness. I recommend this to anyone seeking a truly ultra heavy dirge and experience to satisfy an ever increasing hunger for extremity in music.