Reverend Bizarre - Death Is Glory... Now! 3-LP Box (Black vinyl)


Box set with 3 LPs, large 20 page booklet plus a slipmat, exclusive to this pressing only.

The official vinyl edition of the extravagant compilation of singles, split records, cover tunes and other odds and ends from the remarkably career of traditional doom metal’s torchbearer Reverend Bizarre. Built together with the band, the box set also features an extensive booklet.

A Demons Annoying Me
B1 Blood On Satan’s Claw
B2 Apocalyptic Riders
C1 The Tree of Suffering
C2 The Children Of Doom
C3 Odinn’s Men
D1 From The Void II
D2 Dark World
E1 Broken Vows
E2 Bend
E3 Rotestilaulu
F1 Deceiver
F2 The Gate Of Nanna