Revel in Flesh - Death Kult Legions CD


In the recent years bands like Entrails, Puteraeon, Graveyard, Brutally Deceased and Undead Creep really proven that the classic death metal in the Swedish vein can be still very exciting, when played by new bands. And Revel In Flesh is surely among the best of them. “Death Kult Legions” is one of those albums, which is filled with killer songs and which blows the head off of every fanatic of this music. Great groove, amazing harmonies, many memorable melodic parts, but also aggression and dark atmosphere… all is here. And I love albums, which combine all these ingredients in such excellent way, you know? Like here, on side A, we first have a song called “In the Name of the Flesh”, which is truly killer, aggressive death tune (one of the two / three my favourite songs on the album, definitely!!!!), surely one of the fastest and most powerful songs here, but still with that memorable details like chorus… and then we have “When Glory Turns to Ruin”, which is the first melodic, almost kind of epic song on the album. And again, what a fantastic track, how great are these riffs, harmonies and vocals! So, it is a nice mix. And basically each song is nailed really well, it is fantastic listen and I am surely not disappointed. Along with the mentioned “In the Name of the Flesh” I must really mention such tracks like “As Souls Descend” and “Frozen Majesty”, as well as “Levitation” and “Cryptcrawler”, which are again slow, epic and melodic masterpieces and “Hurt Locker” for its sheer, relentless aggression. Yes, very good achievement from Revel In Flesh and I really recommend this album to all fans of such music. It surely is one of the best albums of 2014, in my opinion, so it is enough for reference, I suppose!