Revel In Flesh - Death Kult Legions CD


Of course, if you’re looking for something innovative, then “Death Kult Legions” is not an album for you. If you feel slightly fed up with that whole new wave of old school death metal and with the Swedish sound of such music, then again “Death Kult Legions” is not for you, because you will simply feel bored and unenthusiastic about it. This album won’t have anything to offer to you. But if you’re just a death metal fanatic and love the traditional take on this music and especially the Scandinavian sound is your passion, then I highly recommend you getting “Death Kult Legions”, because this is one of those almost perfectly executed examples for this style. I know that some moaners will always complain, that this is just a copy and there’s nothing better than the old bands and old albums and that for them it is silly that a German band plays and sounds like a Swedish from 20 years ago. But do I have to worry about such meaningless complain and stupid reasons? No. I don’t give a fuck and surely won’t waste my time on them. Personally I love such music, I love that sound and I don’t care if the album was recorded yesterday or in 1993 or if the band is from Stockholm or from fuckin German shithole. The quality of the music will always prevail and damn, I simply love albums like “Death Kult Legions”.