Reveal! - Scissorgod CD


“Scissorgod” is deaths arrival and the world expands for those clipped and fallen into the abyss; The album opener dives right into a mind-bending vision of noise rock and psychedelic black metal with production worthy of ‘Sweven’, immediately twisting the road forward with oddly-strung syncopation and an echoing harangue. Braiding itself like a string of bloody stuffed entrails, each song distinctly completes followed by another piece that makes sense next to it, and the tracklist feels proportionate as an experience as a result of its arrangement. Regardless of how intentional the wholly considered trip is ‘Scissorgod’ feels curated from the start to finish, starting with a duo that’d circle downward that signals the frazzled final spiral of “Decomposer”, an entirely new sound and dynamic from Reveal that brings great dramatic range to the full listen. From this point “Down Through the Hole” and major reprisal/early single “Clevermouth” builds up as a great emotional peak for the album. This set of five songs is already in the upper echelon of both extreme metal and modern rock music for 2019 to begin with but “Feeble Hearts” is where Reveal truly twists the dagger in the classicist’s chest. The intro to this riotous psychedelic n’ jangling horror of a noise rock song comes by way of (what sounds like) a marching band deploying foreboding tribalistic drumming this, alongside brilliant use of uh.. bassoon, makes “Feeble Hearts” a major highlight on the album. I could go on about the incredible kaleidoscopic ruin of “The Plot Thickens” and the ominous gothic art-punk clangor of “What Pigs Get” but the point is made by now, Reveal have outdone themselves with a restlessly compelling set of daring and memorable arrangements throughout this third album. It goes places, unexpected and wildly repeatable places that challenge and thrill as they tumble forward, downward. It’ll be my highest recommendation for the year.